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TsiLang [Updated] 2022




Description In today’s world, there’s no difference between mobile and desktop. Icons, web sites, applications and many other things can be built for mobile devices as for desktop. Yet, creating applications for both platforms is not the same. Mobile development is more complicated because of the following: You can’t use file based approach for mobile (as it’s a constraint of the OS). You can’t create resources via hard coded paths. You can’t use file based approach for all platforms (some platforms don’t support it). You can’t use hard coded paths. And many other differences that exist between the two platforms. Let’s take a simple example. Imagine that you have a project that contains 3 languages (English, Spanish and Russian). You don’t have to make different builds, as you have 3 languages in one project. And what if, there’s need to deploy it on one platform that support only Russian language, and you would like to deploy your project on an Android phone where only English and Spanish languages are supported? What can you do in that case? Well, you have two options: Build the project only once and deploy it on both platforms. Compile the project on the development machine for both platforms and deploy them on the target machine. The first option is not feasible, as it forces you to create two builds for your application and to maintain them on the two machines. You can try to automate the process, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The second option is the common practice, but if you’re building the project for two different platforms, it takes time. You should compile the project on the development machine, zip it, deploy on a test machine and finally deploy it on the target machine. If you have multiple projects, the process can get very slow. In this talk, we will go through the steps to create a project that can support multiple languages on two platforms. There’s no coding involved in the process, as we use Visual Studio and Resharper. We will take a basic project and we will make changes to it in order to achieve this goal. Speaker Victor Vladimirkov In the past 5 years I�



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TsiLang [Updated] 2022

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